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41" Longboard - Grey Zone

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  • TRUCKS: Highly responsive 7-inch aluminum alloy trucks and ultra-high elastic PU support pad, providing control and stability.
  • DECK: 41 IN long x 9.5 IN wide deck made of cold press 8-ply natural maple with max load weight 330Ibs; brushed black surface for antislip. No assembly required.
  • WHEELS: Durable 70mm X 51mm 80A PU wheels with rock finish, ABEC-11 high-speed bearings.
  • MANEUVERABILITY: Built for downhill, speed, and freestyle riding with a wide turning radius. Suitable for all ages and sports enthusiast groups. Develop your strength, balance, and reaction while having fun.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Well made longboard, for a great price!!!

If you are looking to get into longboarding, I would recommend this longboard. What really sets this board apart from other boards is the price. The quality of the longboard is pretty solid. It rides really well, but I would recommend you invest in some more versatile bearings, the bearings that come with the board, don’t keep the wheels spinning for very long. Overall the junli longboard is definitely a must have, especially if you aren’t looking to spend an arm and a leg for a longboard!

Purchased for my tween girls, fantastic beginner board

I purchased the Junli 41 Inch freeride skateboard for my never skateboarded tween girls. They absolutely love the look of the board and the pink wheels. They had no problem jumping on the board and skating around the street and sidewalk. The board was fast but not too fast. The trucks were adjusted for their weight, I would want to tighten them if I was the primary user. I highly recommend this board for any beginner riders. Love the look, love the feel, love the ride.

Great for me as a beginner!

Your browser does not support HTML5 video. I am a beginner and had only rode a longboard for a few minutes before I ordered this board. I’m very happy with my purchase! I ordered this board on a Thursday and go it on a Saturday. Road this around for about 2 hours and it’s pretty smooth and easy to balance on. The board comes fully assembled and ready to go after you unwrap it. The plastic around the board was a little tough to take off completely. The art on the board is wonderful and the black part of the board has that nice rough material to help increase the friction between the board and your shoes which helps me feel secure on the board. I will provide an update in a few weeks.

Happy To Get Back

It's been ages since I rode a skateboard, and I'm glad I got this one to get back into things. I use it for cruising, no tricks, and it's done awesome. The only downside is that I lost a screw out of one side of the trucks. No big deal, easily remedied, just something interesting that happened. The wheels are larger so you don't have to worry so much about bumps or trash on the sidewalk. The design is still holding up too!

Looks great!!

Really well done longboard!! Honestly wasn't expecting much from an off-hand longboard!! But this this is great and really vibrant!! Must have for beginners that don't want to blow a lot of money on a board!!