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Adult Helmet - Large - Matte Forest Green

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  • Tested and approved for Bike, Skate, Ski. STM F2040-11 / ASTM F1446, EN 1077, EN 1078
  • Classic skate design helmet with 10 vents to keep you cool and comfortable and 2 sets of interchangeable pads for a custom fit.
  • Fully formed ABS surrounds high-quality EPS foam to ensure safety on impact
  • Keep your head protected in this Retrospect helmet as you ride on your bikes, Skateboards, roller skates, and scooters

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Provides Proper Police-Proof Pinhead Protection

Shipped on time and packed well. Looks great, it's light, comfortable and surprisingly fits my tiny pinhead (6-7/8-ish) perfectly without the extra foam inserts. I wear a thin baseball cap under it and it's perfect. So far, it's protected me from a low-hanging leafy twig I scootered under, and it also protects me from citations (and publicity stunt photo-ops) by ticket-hungry Santa Monica cops.

Good stuff.

Writing this review after wearing it several times and it’s comfortable and cute and I really like it. I haven’t had any major crashes but some reviews make me feel good about this head gear! I have a very large head for a woman and got the S/M and it has adjustable head pads inside to ensure it fits. It’s very comfortable and it fits on me snuggly so REALLLLY check on those dimensions. I’m very happy. I’d recommend

If in doubt, size up

I didn't measure my kid's heads. I looked at other reviews with pictures and guessed. That worked out ok, actually. I got my 8 year old a small, and it fits without the 2 extra inserts. She'll need a new one in 6-12 months, but she'll probably want a new one by then anyway. This seems sturdy, and I like the smooth texture- nothing to "catch" the ground if she falls, causing neck injury.

wood-looking helmet

never wore a bike helmet in my life, but I wouldn't be able to do a triathlon without one, so picked one that would fit my style and allow beer stickers to be placed on it. looks a little dorky, but what bike helmet doesn't. appreciate this one over all the others because it is a little unusual. and tells all the other athletes (as I pass them on my 40 year old Schwinn) that I am not one to be take seriously. haven't had an accident with it yet, but does fit snugly without giving me a headache. comes with some extra padding should you head be a little smaller than the helmet.


Yes its bigger than my other helmets, ButDo you want a big helmet , or a little one when you crash ?I purchased 2 more after this one so we now have 3 Retrospec helmets .My son and my wife each had to have one after they saw mine.I have the wood grain, wife has the eggshell, son has the blue .Stop worrying about what other people are thinking about you, this helmet is THE HELMET!!So light I forget I am wearing it.