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54mm Skateboard Wheels & Truck - Red

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  • Skateboard Parts Kit: 54mm skateboard wheels with installed bearings; Skateboard Trucks 129mm(5 inches); All-in-One Skate Tools; Skateboard Riser Pads 2mm; Skateboard screws 1"; Skateboard shock absorber; Skateboard bushings; Skateboard hardware set.
  • 54mm Skateboard Wheels: The skateboard wheels are 54mm (diameter) *36mm (width) 90A polyurethane material. The 608 ABEC-7 bearing is 22mm*8mm, which has been installed on wheels. The premium wheels with high-quality bearings help you do street tricks very well. Its also favored by most freestyle skaters because of its lightweight.
  • 129mm Trucks: Our 129mm skateboard trucks (5 inches) are suitable for 7.5-8 inches decks. We are offered a selection of 129mm trucks and four-hole skateboard riser pads and baseplates. They get higher quality and professionalism than six-hole skateboard riser pads and baseplates.
  • All-in-One Skate Tools: We supply a T tool in this package. The all-in-one skate T tool has everything you need to tighten up or repair your skateboard. This skate tool works with all types of the skateboard. It's time for you to create your own skateboard.

Customer Reviews

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Very nice wheels for all around skating or cruising.

These wheels are soft enough to absorb small bumps and pebbles, but definitely not hard enough to for hard core sliding. I use these for cruising around on my board and I have another set that are 99a for skating on super smooth surfaces. I don't think these will last very long for anyone doing a lot of sliding, they will get chewed up.

Kris A
Good upgrade

Got these to replace the cheap wheels and bearings on a Tony Hawk skateboard for Walmart. Those wheels would act like you were on fly paper. Quick switch out with these and all the difference in the world! Kid is happy.

Soft whhels

Good cheap street wheels nice and soft

Easy to install

These wheels have all the parts needed and are an improvement over the stock wheels that come with skateboards.

Great wheels for a beginner like me

I've been skating for about 3 weeks, and I found that my wheels (default kind from CCS) were too hard for riding around on my college's paved paths. However, I love the feeling of doing tricks on hard wheels. These feel much smoother and doing tricks feels pretty much the same, although I can only shuvit right now so I can't speak for more technical tricks. Would recommend for a beginner who wants to get around but also try some tricks