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44" Longboard - Aqua Pipeline

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  • ZED LONGBOARD: Our freshest longboard nods to the 1950s makeshift backyard longboards with their classic surfboard shape and feel. ZED not only carries us here and there, but transports us back to a time of sun, surf, salty air, breezy days, dewy nights, and reverb-doused hits of yesteryear.
  • ANTI-BITE TECHNOLOGY: Avoid wheel bite at all costs. In fact, put it in the back of your mind. We put ease-of-ride #1 by including wheel wells to eliminate grab. Durable 70x51mm 85A PU wheels with rock finish.
  • HIGH-SPEED & ACCURATE: Precision ball bearings in the ABEC-7 tolerance grade are ideal for high speed and extreme running accuracy, capable of handling all of your adventures.
  • SLICK & GRIP: Enhance your ride with smooth and shock absorbent 70 mm Polyurethane wheels, plus a rock finish for superior grip.
  • STABLE BUILD: 44-Inch artisan longboard made from 8-ply Canadian maple and sustainably sourced bamboo form an infallible hybrid of strength and pliability in ZED's deck construction. It comes fully assembled and ready to ride, all you have to do is get going.



Customer Reviews

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Great Present for a Teen

This is a great longboard for any kid's daily use. It stood up through bumpy road and cracked sidewalks. I was surprised that the longboard made it downhill in Lake Tahoe, California with no problems and stood up to speeds of 20mph. It was going through cracks in the road that where about 3in long and 2cm deep cracks with no problem. I rode about 2 miles to a skate park with it and it made the trip really easy for the long distance. Tricks are better learned on a slightly shorter board. Thanks for the board, Grammy.

Love this board!

So I'm 30, 6'3 220lbs and always wanted to try skateboarding. I know it's a long board but man is it fun and sleek looking. Perfect fit for my size, I have even managed to train my dog to pull me like a sled husky on this bad boy and we go flying down the street. I live in Long Beach so everyone rides and the streets are super flat. I go out everyday on this thing and it is very durable. I took some tumbles and the board banged around on a curb but still is sturdy with not too much give but just enough to get the curving feeling while learning. I'll never buy another type of long board unless it's a Ten Toes.

I love this board!!!

I bought this for my 11 year old daughter. She LOVES IT! It's pretty easy to learn on this longboard. It turns super easy, rides very smooth, and is the perfect length for a beginner. I'm in my 30s and I'll be honest I've always wanted to learn too. It's even easy for me! I'm now trying to convince my husband that I need this board for myself. I will say I don't know anything about long/skateboards but this one has been awesome to ride on.

AMAZING Skateboard

Such a well built board for the money. It is well weighted. The trucks [wheels] roll great and are nice and big and the axels have great flexibility. It turns nice and smooth. My son absolutely LOVES this board. Plus it's cool because it looks like a retro surfboard. He cannot stop admiring it and riding it. I'm super excited because I loved skateboarding when I was young and I'm glad he likes it too. I highly recommend this board and would definitely purchase it again.

Excellent board, smooth and fast!

Excellent board for the price or honestly at all. I skate currently even in my older years. I used to skate a lot of street, but now I just want to cruise. I actually bought this for my daughter and she lives it. Of course I had to try it out. We live on a pretty steep hill about 1/2 long and it was freshly paved about 5 months ago. I took it down the hill and it was amazing. I was doing about 35 mph on this and it is smooth, fast, stable (no speed wabbles) and it looks good. On my normal street deck I would had speed wabbles out around 20-25 mph. Not on this, it felt good. What more can you ask for. I did not lookup the details of the hardware, but I can say from the feel and usage of it, feels strong and solid. My daughter and I are enjoying it.