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41" Longboard - Ocean Fish

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  • TRUCKS: Highly responsive 7-inch aluminum alloy trucks and ultra-high elastic PU support pad, providing control and stability.
  • DECK: 41 IN long x 9.5 IN wide deck made of cold press 8-ply natural maple with max load weight 330Ibs; brushed black surface for antislip. No assembly required.
  • WHEELS: Durable 70mm X 51mm 80A PU wheels with rock finish, ABEC-11 high-speed bearings.
  • MANEUVERABILITY: Built for downhill, speed, and freestyle riding with a wide turning radius. Suitable for all ages and sports enthusiast groups. Develop your strength, balance, and reaction while having fun.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Looks great!!

Really well done longboard!! Honestly wasn't expecting much from an off-hand longboard!! But this this is great and really vibrant!! Must have for beginners that don't want to blow a lot of money on a board!!

Perfect board for new longboarders

This board was my first choice for a cheap but decent beginners board. I first got interested in getting a longboard after riding my friends landyachtz board. Ofcourse, landyachtz is a pricey company so I looked elsewhere. I had seen and read many reviews about this board brand and pulled the trigger and bought it a week ago. First out the box it was awkward, trucks had to be loosened a lot, after that adjustment was made it rode like a dream. My only complaint about this board is it seems to chip easily as the tail has a very, VERY, minor chip from when I do a running start. Other than that I am going to be buying from this seller more often when it comes time to replace my other boards. 10/10

Well made longboard, for a great price!!!

If you are looking to get into longboarding, I would recommend this longboard. What really sets this board apart from other boards is the price. The quality of the longboard is pretty solid. It rides really well, but I would recommend you invest in some more versatile bearings, the bearings that come with the board, don’t keep the wheels spinning for very long. Overall the junli longboard is definitely a must have, especially if you aren’t looking to spend an arm and a leg for a longboard!

It is just as I had hoped!

I have only ridden it once now, but it seems pretty nice. I will agree with a few of the other comments that mentioned that upgrading the bearings might be worthwhile, but for now it works great. I also got the same design that it showed that I ordered. I'm not sure if I just got lucky, or if that is how it actually works, but I like it. Also, mine did come with the skate tool, so that is good news!

Easy for kid to ride.

Nice longboard for the money. My 7 year old daughter loves it. It's easy to maneuver and not to long. It comes with a skateboard wrench that allows for easy adjustment for steering, wheels, etc. An adult could easily ride this but the design allows for younger kids to ride as well. I would definitely recommend for 7+ and as my daughter said, "the board is really cute too".