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LED Skateboard Lights - Poppin Pink

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  • NEW IMPROVED CUSTOM ADHESIVE: This brand-new industrial-grade adhesive is custom designed and manufactured in the USA to keep these LED lights secure.
  • STAY VISIBLE AT NIGHT: Light up the night while riding with these classic skateboard lights. Other people will watch and stare as you glide by!
  • RIDE IN STYLE: Attach these skateboard lights to the bottom of your board to instantly light up any skateboard, longboard, roller skates, or scooter!
  • DESIGNED FOR TRICKS: Easily attach these LED skateboard lights under the skateboard trucks to grind, flip, and cruise at night.
  • PERFECT EASTER BASKET GIFT & BATTERIES INCLUDED: Compatible with skateboards, longboards, roller skates, and scooters! SKATEBOARD NOT INCLUDED


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
A. Yelnikov
Look no further! Best product and service I have come across :) 5/5

Note: I usually do not write reviews, but I simply had to for this product thanks to the outstanding craftsmanship and customer service I experienced with the company. I have no idea why other people would bash on the product when there really is no room for marginal error! This product is simply slip-on and go!Now onto the review:As an avid LDP (long distance push) long-boarder, I tend to start off in the mornings/daytime and finish around late-evening/night-time.I needed a product that could provide visibility to my board as I rode back to my destination during low-light conditions.These Blazer lights have provided just that and even gave an added cool factor! Now at night, it looks like I'm riding a hoverboard and many people slow down and ask me what the heck I'm riding haha. If you want to make it look as such, make sure to buy 2 packs (I got 2 packs of wild white and managed to get free-shipping because of it) and attach 4 lights underneath each axle so that the middle is dark but each end is lit up.Grenada Innovations have since updated the adhesive so its stronger then ever. Make sure to properly follow the provided directions and attach it properly and tightly.To put the cherry on the cake, Grenada Innovations has one of the most caring and responsive customer service specialists that helped me out way more then I initially thought possible. They do go above and beyond to make sure the customer is left satisfied with their product. For this, I would give them 7/5 stars if I could. Thanks so much The Board Blazers Team! You guys are the best :)

A must for night skaters! Super bright and Affordable!

These are an absolute necessity for any night riders out there. These things are super bright, affordable, and easy to install and replace! Be careful about picking your color I don't think I read correctly. Be sure you are picking the color you want or it will just default to white. I like the white lights and have not changed them but if you are looking for something specific just pay better attention than I did!

Perfect for my Electric Board at night

These are perfect for my boosted board. Sometimes I like to ride at night, and I was worried drivers wouldn't see me. Now I got these after waiting for them to get in stock and I'm super stoked to try them out on the roads! These are a lot brighter than I thought, and I don't regret getting them in red like I originally thought I would (since you'd think red wouldn't be noticeable at night!) but as you can see, these puppies illuminate my whole door and this isn't as dark as it can get.The process of putting them on was simple, just make sure you stick on the adhesive gel first, for 10 full seconds as indicated. I pressed pretty hard, so I'm hoping these don't have any issues falling off. Hope this helps anyone else wanting to purchase these! Red is actually very bright, so keep all the colors as potential options!Stay safe ✌�️

Kirk Thomas
Big lights, small price

These lights are amazing!!!! They are bright, easy to install, and well worth the small price you pay for the set. They also look pretty cool when you zip by a crowd and every eye is on your board. I have 4 boys who all ride longboards and 3 out the 4 have these on their boards. It started with my youngest who is 5 yrs. old. I bought these so we could keep track of him at night while he boards at a local path here in Tulsa. He sometimes goes past the limit we imposed on him and these lights help us to clearly keep track of him when he wonders past that boundary. They are bright enough that we can see him well into the distance and so far, and we've had these for over two weeks now, have kept on shining brightly. After seeing the attention my younger son received from the Board Blazers, two of my older boys then decided they wanted a pair. I bought another set and split that set between the two boards, 2 on each board. They have also received quite a bit of attention and you should see the heads turn as all three kids go flying past a crowd. If its a Friday or Saturday night there is usually a rather large gathering at two of the restaurant/bars along the path and both my wife and I will sit at one of the tables and enjoy a few beers as we let the boys enjoy the paths. I have literally seen people put down their drinks and heads flip as one, two, or all three of my children pass by on their boards. There is, at this time, no one else out here with these lights and when the guys are done and come to our table to tell us I have had people approach us asking where they can get the Board Blazers. My youngest, who is a bit of a show off and simply loves to be the authority will immediately turn his board over and show them the sticker that came with the Blazers The lights, if they're still on, almost blind you as he does this and a big smile appears on his face as he points to the sticker. All and all I am completely satisfied with the Board Blazers and they are well worth the small price you pay for that large smile on his face. They also put a smile on mine and my wife's face as we know pretty much know where the boys are all the time and don't have to worry about their safety. Pick up a set, both you and your children will simply enjoy the results.

Great product, excellent customer service!

This a great product; it’s exactly what I wanted. The lights are bright enough to be noticeable, but they’re not glaring and obnoxious. They give my board an awesome subtle glow and shine through the transparent elements of my board so the whole thing glows pink. It looks amazing. I would definitely recommend this product.One of the lights was a bit loose and I was having some trouble, but the manufacturer replaced the product without me even having to ask. Great service.