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Skateboard Pads - Large - Tie Dye

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  • Convenient protective pad set includes one pair of knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards for skating, biking, and roller derby
  • Knee pads and elbow pads are made of high-grade durable fabrics, with EVA foam padding and polycarbonate full-coverage caps for superior protection that won't restrict movement
  • Wrist guards offer rigid support and protection with high-density, impact-resistant molded ABS splints and 4-way stretch nylon mesh for a snug fit
  • All pads feature an easy on-and-off sleeveless design and wide, reinforced elastic straps with adjustable hook and loop closures that ensure a secure fit
  • Kneesaver and Elbowsaver: The one size fits most adults. For a perfect Wristsaver fit, measure hand circumference at knuckles: Junior fits 6-7 in, Small fits 7-8 in, Medium fits 8-9 in, and Large fits 9-10 in


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

I got hit by a Semi going 35 MPH wearing these and my helmet while skateboarding, and walked away with only a scrape on my leg and bruises.

Good quality but looks like it runs small

My daughter is 12, and she is a normal-weight child. I read other buyers' reviews and decided to go with size adult L for her and not size M like i would normally order. I'm glad I did. She wears jeans and a jacket under the protectors when she practices riding her skateboard, and she said they fit fine. No discomfort, but good protection. I recommend these protectors.

Roller Derby Beginner

I just started roller derby and didn't want to spend a ton on gear. I made a good choice with this set. We've done a ton of knee slides and knee tap drills, and my knees have felt zero pain. :)

low profile and adjustable

I cannot speak to the level of protection because I haven't fallen yet (knock on wood), but these pads have fulfilled my personal requirements. I'm an experienced skater and only use these for fitness skating and maybe some jam roller skating. While I am not concerned with falling hard, I purchased these pads for peace of mind - it's much better to be safe than sorry!If you fall a lot or will be doing riskier skating tricks/roller derby/etc. I personally would invest in a more protective set, but for the economical cost and my intended light usage (simple fitness skating), I'm very happy with this set!Pros:- Adjustable and easy to put on and take off. I know I'm much more likely to wear them when it takes less effort to put them on. I can adjust the velcro to accommodate different thickness of clothing.- Cool color options.Cons:- Based on other reviews, the pads aren't truly one size fits all.- Entry level set, so the durability doesn't look great


I am not athletic so I have never worn protective gear before. Never kneepads, never elbow pads, etc. I have not roller skated in 20 years and I’m going back into it as an old woman LOL. I think at an older age it’s important to wear protective gear, I am really worried about my bones not being as strong.This Tripe 8 trio is great! Super comfortable! I was afraid they’d slip down and stuff but they stay put really well. Once in a while I have to pull up my kneepads but no big deal. The kneepads are a great fit, the wrist guards I got a small is a great fit and feels super protective. But the elbow pads are just too big. I can’t tighten them enough and I will probably get a child size at some point but they work and surprisingly don’t slip down. If you have small arms then you will not be able to get these as tight as you’d like but I can live with them for a while.So happy with my purchase, I hope they hold up well. I already fell twice and have a scuff on my knee pad. You would think getting back on rollerskates would be as easy it was before but the older you get you don’t have the confidence of a young person and you really do have to relearn how to skate and brake again. I also got crash shorts because I want to learn how to roller dance which will be tricky and I don’t want to brake my tailbone! My crash helmet should arrive this week, I’ll literally be covered in head to toe with protective gear.UPDATE: April 25, 2020So the elbow pads are way too big for me. Because I over tighten them I am Velcro-omg the fabric on the Velcro instead of Velcro on Velcro so the Velcro is kind of shredding the fabric part. The elbow pads actually do not stay up well unless I over tighten them so I had to buy other small elbow pads.