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Adult Skateboard Pads - Small - Pink

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  • Sturdy & Protective Material: Made of 600D high-density oxford cloth with high foaming 10mm/14mmEVA, and thickened & tough PP curved shell which is similar to classic turtle shape, padded with 8mm soft sponge, comfortable for wearing and sturdy with superior protection for the impact.
  • Adjustable & Breathable Design: Double-side twill elastic straps are adjustable for a secure and comfortable fit on knees, elbows, and wrists. And breathable cloth keeps them dry & fresh and reduces sweating during hours of skating.
  • All Round Protection Set: It comes with 1 pair of elbow pads, 1 pair of knee pads, and 1 pair of wrist pads, easily packed up in a convenient storage bag (provided). Enjoy your exciting outdoor sports with this safe gear set.
  • Safe & Versatile Gear: The knee pads give a bit of compression to the body for safety, which could allow the body to hold the right position while riding with sports equipment. Suitable for cycling, skating, rolling, skateboard, longboard, etc.


Customer Reviews

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Amy C
Great Pads / Petite Sizing for Small Adults

Great pads for the cost! I am a petite woman so I went with kid pads for a better fit. I skateboard but am new to quad skating and pads were a necessity. My first try on them I slid on my knees and the pads really came in handy. It scraped the pads up a bit but I felt nothing. I ordered a size Medium (I'm 5'3" and weigh 120lbs). The knee pads are a little tight but I didn't want to go up a size since the elbow pads and wrist guards would then be too big. (Side note: I took the logo/tags off with a sewing seam ripper. They were huge and advertising that I wore children's pads.)

Shirley Heskew
Highly Recommend Gonex Skateboard Wrist Guards with Elbow & Knee Pads!

Bought these for my 15 year old great-niece for Christmas when she decided to take up skateboarding. Being a beginner, she really needed the protection. Sure enough, her first time out she fell and tried to break her fall with her hands - like we all would! Wrist guards were great as they took the brunt of the fall. Second fall she landed on her knees and again escaped injury. She's a believer in this protection now for sure! Good product that does the job well. She said they were comfortable and not as bulky as she was afraid they'd be,

Me: Adult, but Youth Size!

I was looking for a protection gear set that would be delivered right away for my first attempt to roller blading, but L: Adult Size was out of stock. Having no patience, I decided to go with M: Youth Size, and it came out great! I’m 5’5 (167cm) tall and 118 (53kg) weight. All of them in the set fits each of my body parts perfectly. So, if your body size close to mine, you might want to think about getting a Youth Size, instead!! Enjoy!

These pads saved me!

I'm a beginner rollerskater and I am convinced that these pads saved me from broken bones today. I was rolling down a hill and unable to stop. I fell from about 6ft high, and while the fall was shocking and scary, I didn't feel any pain to my wrists, knees, or elbows. My pads are pretty scratched up, but I can't imagine what would have happened without them. I highly recommend!

Not good colors

Its ok, I got it to ride a long board and it’s doing ok. I just don’t like the colors. I also like how it stops aliens from abducting me. I also love how they took my annoying dog. Anyways definitely a good buy if you don’t want to get hurt or abducted.